COVID-19: Fare Discounts

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COVID-19: Fare Discounts

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SEAT is offering a discount on our Period Passes as follows:

  • ZIP Pass (4 hour) – $2.00
  • 1 Day Pass – $3.00
  • 5 Day Pass – $10.00
  • 31 Day Pass – $30.00

All other fares remain unchanged.

These discounted rates are in response to COVID, to reduce cash transactions on the bus, and offer our customers a break during these difficult financial times. As of today, we plan to resume fare collection on all routes/services on Monday, October 5.

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  • kevin Bowens

    will night service return on October 5th

  • Caitland Marie Pina

    Sence we are going to have to start paying. When is sunday service coming back and the buses running till 11pm

    • 座位

      Hi Caitland, as of this moment – we do not have a schedule to restore Sunday service, we will update here when we do. As for night service, we plan to restore this on September 21, 2020.

  • Andrea

    Can I still purchase tickets at the ntc lobby if not how do I get a 31 day pass

    • 座位

      Hi Andrea! I’ll have one of our employees get back to you shortly about this – but you can definitely purchase the 31 day pass on our website 这里, it will be mailed to you within 14 days of purchase.

      • James Gryszan

        What bus is closet to the train from western Massachusetts Union station toward Mohegan sun

        • 座位

          Hi James! Unfortunately there are no direct bus services from Worcester, MA through to the Mohegan Sun – however, the NECTD provide bus service as north as Thompson, CT – and from there you can connect via their Orange Line, to SEAT’s Route 9 service. You can then take our Route 7 service to Mohegan.

          Alternatively, you can take the MBTA commuter rail train service from Worcester, to Boston Back Bay station, and then take the Amtrak Northeast Regional to New London Station, and then take the SEAT Route 1 service to Mohegan Sun.

          Hope this helps!

  • Mike

    NTC ticket office will reopen on October 5. Hours are 9 AM to 4 PM, Monday – Friday.

  • Mónica Moreno

    Yo necesito el pase de 31 días por mi trabajo, pero lo necesitaria antes del 5 de octubre. Lo puedo comprar o recoger en la estación de Norwich por que vivo cerca de alli.

  • Annette Mesick

    Is it still no fare to ride the bus

  • 座位

    Hi Annette, unfortunately no – we have reinstated bus fare collection as of October 5th.

  • 座位

    Sí, vendemos nuestros pases y boletos en el Centro de Transporte de Norwich.

  • Marquis Brisbane

    Hi SEAT My cousin, younger brother and I are taking the bus and I am looking at the Day Pass. Is the price triple because there’s three of us or is just three dollars flat.

    • 座位

      Hi Marquis! Unfortunately period passes are per person, it isn’t a family pass. You could purchase a 10 ride ticket, which would be good for 10 rides for 10 different people. Hope this helps!