Unless otherwise noted, SEAT is running regular service.  Please note that conditions can rapidly change due to the COVID19 issue, and SEAT may have to quickly modify or suspend service. In that event, we will do our best to provide as much notice as possible. 

Planned service reductions: Effective 3/22 and until further notice, there will be no Sunday service. Effective 3/23 and until further notice, there will be no night service.  Effective 4/20 and until further notice, weekday service will start at approximately 7 AM and end at approximately 6 PM; Saturday service will start at approximately 9 AM and end at approximately 5 PM.  Please see the April 20 timetables for exact times below.

Effective 3/19 and until further notice, we are implementing rear door boarding on those buses with two doors. Also, we are not enforcing fare payment, so there is no need to go the front of the bus to pay the fare or get a transfer. Customers who require the use of the ramp will still need to board at the front door of the bus. For those cases and for buses with only one door, please board and take your seat as quickly as possible and avoid interacting with the operator. We want to keep our operators safe and healthy so we can continue to provide our services during these times. We are also going to keep as many windows open so as to provide greater ventilation on the buses. Although you may get a little cold, we believe the benefits of doing so outweigh the discomfort. 

Also please remember to ride for essential trips only (work, medical appointments, groceries); wear a mask; practice “social distancing” as much as possible and try to keep at least one seat between you and your neighbor; if you’re feeling unwell with a cough and fever, please contact your medical provider and do NOT ride the bus. If you have a cough, please cover it and cough into the crook of your elbow and do not spit on the floor or seat.  Those that do not honor these requests will be asked to exit, and continued violations may result in being barred from our service.   Thank you!

Current Weekday Service

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